Welcome to DM Consultants

DM Consultants is a partnership formed in 1990 by ecologists Elaine Murphy and John Dowding. The partnership undertakes research on New Zealand wildlife, and uses the results of this and related research to provide science-based advice to conservation managers and others.

New Zealand Dotterel

At present, Elaine works for the Department of Conservation, and John undertakes most of the partnership’s work, occasionally sub-contracting in additional staff when necessary. The partnership is based in Christchurch, but undertakes projects throughout New Zealand.
The partnership’s main activities are:

Undertaking basic ecological research on native birds (in particular, threatened coastal and riverbed species).

Undertaking research on the ecology and control of introduced mammalian predators, and the impacts they have on native species.

Providing advice to conservation managers and others on these and related topics.

Variable oystercatcherFacilitating comm-
unity involvement in
conservation projects
and advising
community groups.

Other activities:

Evaluating the outcome of conservation management programmes. Teaching techniques used for management and monitoring of coastal birds. Providing expert evidence to planning hearings and Environment Court hearings. Advising on methods for the avoidance and mitigation of ecological effects.

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